Expanded BRCA info

To run BRCA-analysis input your user-id, or use the test-value of id_613z86871:

Thousands of mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have been documented. 23andMe reports data for three mutations that account much of inherited breast cancer, but other possible mutations in these two genes are not included in the 23andme report. Many can only be detected by sequencing, such as from myriad genetics. However, a dozens of extra possible mutations of interest can be reached with imputation analysis. The following lists your genotype for the directly measured three 23andme-SNPs as well as all other imputed SNPs in the two genes that are either missense or nonsense. For interpretation we recommend reading more about polyphen, sift-scores and clinvar.

If clinvar is indicated as pathogenic and the SNP is measured in your genome and your genotype is not of the genotype indicates as normal, then this indicates a potential problem. The list is sorted according to the clinvar variable by default.