This software is provided for educational and research purpose. We will take no responsibility for any medical interpretations you make.

The project is non-profit and free to use. However, we strongly encourage donations to support server-costs. That is because total computing costs a few dollars per person. To motivate donations, users that donate at least $5 will be moved to a priority queue, thereby bypassing the queue waiting times.

We take your anonymity much more seriously than any other online genetics-service. All personally traceable genetic information, i.e. your input-data and the imputed genome data is deleted two weeks after imputation. All non-traceable information, i.e. derived calculations and disease risk-scores are deleted two years after imputation.

The only right We reserve, is the future possibility to contact participants through provided email. This includes the possibility to ask users if they are interested in further academic research. We underscore that this is entirely ignorable, and so research is not part of the terms-of-use of the site.

We will of course never ever transfer, sell, or give away your data to any third parties.

For users starting before may 2018 (GDPR-date) these were the old terms-of-service in effect. Notice how they are virtually identical, save for a few clarifications. That's because we always believed in people's right to control of own data, as well as having short easy-to-understand terms-of-service.